“I am an old lesbian who came out during the 2nd wave of feminism, which we called the women’s liberation movement. But my story begins three years earlier in 1969 during my senior year at a state university. ”

Patricia Smith


“Listen. It isn’t as if we haven’t been here before.”

Joshua Adair

Safe as Houses

“In those pre-internet, pre-cable TV days, I enriched my inner life with books. I spent all my free time at home reading everything I could get my hands on. In those days I knew I liked boys in a way no one thought I should, but I had no idea that there might be books out there that would help me feel less alone.”

Allison Green


“Recently, I worked with a woman for over a year before I realized she was a lesbian, and only then because I was talking about coming out in the mid-1980s and she said she had come out then, too. “

Jamie Satcher

Reckon He’s Queer?

“Queer: Such a powerful word. One that I spent most of my life hearing, hating, running from, and finally accepting as truth of who I am. “

Bonnie J. Morris


“During our spring 2013 women’s studies faculty meeting, we discussed how to develop and expand the new LGBT Sexuality Studies minor…but the “L” in LGBT was not apparent in our curriculum.”

Carole Fults


“Mom escorted me into the emergency room and whispered, “You tell them what’s wrong with you. I don’t know how to explain it.'”

John Daniel

Three Vignettes

“In the 80’s, I visited my first gay bar. A gargantuan drag queen named Tammy “Whynot” was the only person audacious enough to talk to me, not that I deserved the attention.”

Eunice Tiptree

A Dash of Humor Eases the Way

“Where there is humor there is life. Humor is an excellent means to maintain a sense of yourself. And break down barriers.”

Daniel Crocker

It Ain’t No Lie, Baby

“My first boyfriend killed himself. We didn’t call ourselves boyfriends, but we went to the movies together, went to dinner together, and had a lot of sex.”

Jen Michalski

How I Wrote My Way Out of the Closet

“‘I hope you’re not trying to tell me something,’ my mother said, handing back my latest short story.”

Emily Pittman Newberry

The First Steps

“I was primed for those first steps by televised images of snarling dogs lunging at young people in Birmingham Alabama who just wanted a seat at the lunch counter, a good education and jobs or the right to vote.”